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15 must have construction equipment

Quality consciousness is important aspect of construction management, especially when it comes to material. Every material received at site need to be tested for quality checks as per quality control plan. Now a days quality control testing is no longer as Quality testing need of each project varies depending on type of project, size of […]

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Fiber reinforced concrete and its types

What is fiber reinforced concrete and its types Fiber reinforced concrete may be define as a composite material constitute of cement + aggregates (course and fine) and uniformly distributed fibers. Properties of fiber reinforced concrete are affected by 1. Volume of fibers’ in mix 2. Relative fibers matrix stiffness 3. Aspect ratio of fibers (Aspect […]

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Fineness test of cement by dry sieving

Fineness of cement has a great effect on the rate of hydration and subsequently the rate of gain of strength. Fineness of cement improves the rate of evolution of heat. Finer cement offers a more surface area for hydration and hence faster the development of strength. Increase in fineness of cement additionally increases the drying […]

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