15 must have construction equipment

Quality consciousness is important aspect of construction management, especially when it comes to material. Every material received at site need to be tested for quality checks as per quality control plan. Now a days quality control testing is no longer as Quality testing need of each project varies depending on type of project, size of project, budgetory controls etc. Quality control laboratory may vary from simple inexpensive test kits to fully equiped testing laboratory.

Following are the most essential testing equipments required at construction site.

S. No. Equipment Quantity Uses
1 Compression testing machine, calibrated to accuracy of +/- 1% 1 No Checking compressive strength of concrete cubes, solid blocks, bricks etc.
2 Cube moulds (Size 150 X 10 X 150 mm) 6 -12 Nos Concrete cube testing
3 Slump cone test apparatus 1 -2 Nos Slump test for workability at field and laboratory
4 Sieve sets – sizes  40 mm, 20 mm (square mesh), 12.5 mm, 4.75 mm,3.35 mm,2.36 mm, 1.18 mm, 600 micron, 300 micro cm, 0 micron, 90 micron ND 75 MICRON cm 1 Set Sieve analysis of aggregates, cement etc.
5 Measuring jars of capacity 3 lits to 10 lits 1 Each for measuring volume
6 Thickness and length gauges 1 Each for measuring thickness and lengths of various materials
7 Graduated cylinder 100, 250 and 1000 ml capacity. 1 Each for measuring volume
8 (Electronic) Weigh balance up to 15 kg capacity  1 No For weighing
9 Thermostat control electric oven 1 No aggregate moisture reduction, heating material for tests
10 Vicat apparatus 1 No setting time tests for cement
11 Sieve shaker machine 1 No sieve shacking for sieve analysis
12 Misc mixing tools e.g. Metal trays, mortar pans etc. 2 Sets for concrete, mortar and other ingredient mixing
13 Hot plate 1 No heating material for tests
14 Measuring boxes (capacity from 20 lits –  45 lits) 1 Set for measuring volume (especially bulk aggregates)
15 Bi-metallic stem thermometer 1 No measuring temperature of concrete